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Our History

The mill was founded in the 1960s in the town of Panicale, in the province of Perugia, and it has become one of the most important mills in the Umbria region. In the 1980s, the company grew, and the Gatti family decided to implement a new mill for the production of additive-free flour, made from grains harvested in the immediate vicinity of the premises and stored in the new storage facility.

Today, the company uses the best local, national and international grains, enabling it to create top-quality "recipes" that are specific to the markets it serves. The blends are all researched and tested in the Molino laboratory and then in a special professional kitchen.

Today Molino Gatti is a brand owned by Food Italiae, an Umbrian company committed to the production of products guaranteed by a certified food supply chain that uses blockchain technology

Our flours

only the best grains become flour



Flour made from selected supply chain grains, from the most suitable for traditional breadmaking to flour that is specifically for medium or long leavening doughs, to large Strength flours. All of these types of flours are capable of transitioning from a silky gluten network to a strong, stable and extremely elastic gluten network.

Suitable for small-batch baking, baguettes, breadsticks, rolls, rosettes ciabatta, high-hydration dough, biga. 

The characteristics of these types of flour are: elasticity in processing, stability in processing, zero additives, and grains from a controlled supply chain.



These are Strength types of flour, which guarantee large volumes from the very first dough you make. They have just the right amount of protein so as to ensure great elasticity and stability during processing and soft and fragrant cakes and pastries.

This flour is great when preparing: Shortbread and Biscuits, Shortbread and Poured Dough, Brioches and Croissants, and large leavened goods such as panettone or colomba.



Our range of pizzeria flours are ideal for making round pizzas, Neapolitan pizzas, pan pizzas or pizza alla pala

From fast-rising, balanced pizza flour to long-rising pizza flour with a high protein content, capable of giving dough high extensibility and ease of processing, even with minimal thickness.



Semolina made from blends of selected domestic durum wheat. Excellent for use in pasta making, bronze drawn pasta and dry egg pasta.


Semolina made from blends of selected domestic and foreign durum grains, with theinnovative technology of decortication , which allows them to beslowly ground without altering their virtues.

Excellent absorption capacity, constant all year round, created for direct doughs with slight maturation from 6 to 24 hours at room temperature, up to 48 hours at a controlled temperature. 100% Italian food chain wheat.

The line Queens is designed for professionals in the world of pizza, classic Neapolitan, in a baking pan, medium leavening products (in a shovel, in a pan, focaccia) or long for a highly digestible product with a distinct aroma.

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