La Granosa


wholemeal pizza flour Weight 25 Kg bag

La Granosa


  • No Bitter Aftertaste

With Wheat Kernel

This wholemeal pizza flour is full of wheat bran (the kernel has a high sugar content) which helps the dough leaven. Its spontaneous acidification is excellent for kneading and for producing culture yeast.

Product Feature

Alveograph W 320 / 350
Alveograph P/L 0.55 / 0.60
Liquid Absorption 59 - 60%
Humidity 15.50% Max

Product Use

Suggestion for Use:
Napolitan Style, Pan Pizza, "Pizza in Pala"
Dough preparation:
Direct, indirect
Fermentation Time:
24 hrs (at 18°C) - 48 hrs (at 4°C)
Dough Preservation:
From 24 to 48 hrs at 4°C