Vecchia Macina Flour


Wholemeal Soft wheat Flour Weight 25 Kg bag

Vecchia Macina Flour


Our 100% organic, stoneground wheat, sourced entirely from Italian growers, reflects the philosophy at Molino Gatti and the concept of how to eat well. It has an unmistakeable flavour and fragrance.
Its fibre rich content makes it ideal for the direct or indirect preparation of many types of dough.

Product Feature

Alveograph W 240 - 280
Alveograph P/L 0.40 - 0.70
Liquid Absorption Min 52%
Humidity 15.50% Max

Product Use

Suggestion for Use:
Neapolitan Style, Pan Pizza, “Pizza in Pala”
Dough preparation:
Direct, indirect
Fermentation Time:
8 - 18 hrs
Dough Preservation:
From 24 to 48 hrs at 4°C