Flour Type "00" Weight 25 Kg bag

La Rossa

Italian Pizza Flour for Long Fermentation Time

Italian Pizza Flour for long fermentation obtained from selected American and international wheat varieties.
The high protein content makes the dough highly extensible and easy to work, even when very thin.
After baking the finished product has excellent flavor, crispness and an above-average digestibility.

Product Feature

Alveograph W 350 / 370
Alveograph P/L 0.55 / 0.60
Liquid Absorption 60 - 62%
Humidity 15.50% Max
Stability Time 18 Minutes

Product Use

Suggestion for Use:
Neapolitan Style, Pan Pizza, Pizza in Pala.
Dough preparation:
Direct, Indirect
Fermentation Time:
24 hours (18°C) 48 hours (4°C)
Dough Preservation:
more than 72 hours at 4°C