Lievitati – Leavened Products


Flour Type "00" Weight 25 Kg

Lievitati – Leavened Products


  • High Protein

Panettone, Colomba e Pandoro

Leavened Products are a serious matter… Panettone, Colomba and Pandoro require high protein flours, accountable and constant. This product is thought to meet the needs of the most exigent pastry chefs, exigent in the leavening challenge.

Product Feature

Alveograph W 360 - 390
Alveograph P/L 0.45 - 0.55
Liquid Absorption Min 60%
Humidity 15.50% Max
Stability Time 16 minutes

Product Use

Fermentation Time:
Long Fermention Time
Dough Preservation:
more than 72 hours at 4°C