Biscotto – Short Pastry and Savoyards Flour


Flour Type "00" Weight 25 Kg

Biscotto – Short Pastry and Savoyards Flour


  • Soft and Fragrant
  • Enhances fat Permeability

Professional Pastry Flour

Short Pastry and Savoyards Pastry,
One unique flour to satisfy both needs of bakery goods.  Biscotto Flour comes from local grains (Umbria and Tuscany) and, through a particular milling process, makes the finished good soft and fragrant.  Its low proteins makes it suitable to reach the best quality and enhances fat permeability. This formula is also suited for creams.

Product Feature

Alveograph W 140 - 160
Alveograph P/L 0.45 - 0.55
Humidity 15.50% Max
Stability Time 9 minutes

Product Use

Suggestion for Use:
Suitable for Short Pastry and Savoyards Pastry
Dough Preservation:
12 Hours at 4°C