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Molino Gatti is situated in the heart of the Trasimeno lake Park.

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Il Perugino

The beauty of our land, the hills of Castiglione del Lago, Panicale and Paciano is portrayed in the Adoration of the Kings, a painting of the 1504 by Pietro Vannucci, also known as il Perugino.

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Castiglione del lago

Castiglione del Lago is located at the northwestern extremity of Umbria, its area blending into the Tuscany of Arezzo and Siena. A large part of the lake and Polvese Island fall under its control. Peaceful little corners give way to views of rare beauty, the hues and tones of the countryside made even more alluring by the tranquil little villages and the serene backdrop of the water. Man and nature live in utmost harmony here. The old centre of the town dominates the lake from a hilltop which, in ancient times, was itself an island, the fourth one of Lake Trasimeno. There are traces of an ancient Etruscan sanctuary here and the Roman origins of the town are clearly evident in the parallel streets which cut through it lengthwise. Well worth a visit is the museum and its Palazzo della Corgna – with frescoes painted by Il Pomarancio depicting the feats of Duke Ascanio della Corgna – and the medieval Rocca del Leone fortress with its pentagonal structure mirroring the constellation after which it was named, the mystical symbol of perfection. There are several churches and sanctuaries in the area bearing witness to the passage of history and man’s delicate and loving hand can be clearly seen on the landscape beyon: the area was the Etruscan’s granary, it is where the vineyards and olive groves not only pleased the eye, but the palate too.