First in the Field

Since 1959 we produce common wheat flour through an extensive and continuous research of eco-friendly cultivation methods.
The naturalness of our flour remains unaltered throughout the whole production process. No additive, adjuvant or preservative is added. The only process of diversification we operate is the blending of diverse yet selected varieties of wheat.

Molino Gatti


Gatti Francesco and Sons SNC was founded in 1959 by Francesco Gatti together with his sons Antonio, Ferdinando, Renato and other members of the Gatti family united by their rural origins.

In the 1959s, the Gatti family, motivated by strong ambition and a total commitment to work, decided to take over the mill established in Macchie – close to the city of Castiglione del Lago, Perugia – and previously owned by the Archilli family.

Back then, the primary activity of the business was that of a fine wheat mill and bakery.

The mill’s output reached 80 quintals of flour per day.
The wheat suppliers were the land owners who, due to the farmers’ labour, harvested the grain and delivered it to the mill to be transformed. In exchange for the wheat, the mill gave the farmers sufficient bread to meet their families needs.
When the Gatti family bought the business, it was time to make some changes.
Until then, all the work and labour involved did not yield sufficient profits.


During the 1960s, Francesco Gatti and his sons decided to develop their activity by introducing the production of high quality fodders. This decision turned out to be extremely successful.

The Company quickly expanded.


During the 1980s Gatti Francesco and Sons decided to expand their business yet again.

The aim was to increase their share of the market in alimentary flours. To this end, it was decided to invest, once more, this time in state-of-the-art machinery and new plants.

Gatti Francesco and Sons purchased a plot of land, a mill and grain silos close to its head office. The mill’s output was one thousand two hundred quintals per day.

The 10 grain silos had a stockage capacity of a hundred thousand quintals of grain.


Today, after the recent acquisition, Molino Gatti is part of the Grigi Group. With its companies the Grigi Group covers a complete product chain "from the land to the table".

The high quality flours continuously undergo both qualitative and quantitative laboratory tests.

Traceability and H.C.C.P. control are major factors in both the conversion and production of the flours. Constant supervision and quality control guarantee high standards and ongoing customer satisfaction.

The flexibility of the Molino Gatti company allows for specific orders to be met.

Whether for bread, pasta, pastries, pizzas or other similar products required, Gatti Francesco and Sons can meet your personal requirements.