Natural Method

Molino Gatti’s secret for a completely natural flour since 1959:

Wheat Preliminary Tests

Wheat Preliminary Tests | Natural Method

We carry out preliminary tests on our agricultural premises, dedicated to the research and development of methods for sustainable agriculture, including the use of organic fertilisers.

Know how

Know how | Natural Method

Our R&D department provides knowledge to local agricultural partners, situated at a distance of maximum 70 km, on the type of grain and methods of cultivation. Our technicians make sure our suppliers meet our standards.

Quality Wheat Check

Quality Wheat Check | Natural Method

The selection of wheat enters our mill and, once passed the quality control, is stored according to its typology and characteristics.

Storing and Slow Grinding

Storing and Slow Grinding | Natural Method

Thanks to the differentiated storing method, which allows the creation of unique blends, grains are slowly grinded and transformed into flour.

Quality of Natural Ingridients

Quality of Natural Ingridients | Natural Method

No additives, coadjuvant or enzymes are added to our flours. Throughout the whole process of grinding, the flour is submitted to qualitative tests.

Additive-free Flour

Additive-free Flour | Natural Method

Gatti’s Additive-free Flour is Ready! The flour is finally stocked in a ventilated area and is packed only before each delivery.